We had a lot of fun, the past two weeks, blogging here at the Antiquity blog VOICE. So we thought that we would interview that one person in whose ideas the genesis of the blog lay. So here we are, in conversation, with Diksha Jhalani.

 Q1. What does Antiquity 2013 mean to you? How does it feel to have the burden of hosting such a large-scale event on your shoulders?

Ans: . Antiquity 2013 for me is definitely the biggest event that I have worked for. I feel its the best platform for undergraduate students belonging to any and every field to come and display their talents as well as learn more about the subject.

Organising a department fest is definitely a difficult and daunting task for the entire union since its our first time too. But it's a learning experience at the end of the day and nothing could have been possible without the support of faculty and enthusiasm of department students.

Q2. What are your expectations from Antiquity 2013?

Ans: Being the secretary and having put in so much effort I definitely expect a lot from Antiquity 2013. It's after a long time that we have a theme for our fest and I hope people participate in events and attend guest lectures since we have kept the lectures on topics that are non-academic and deal with that segment of history which fascinates all.

Q3. Why is the theme myths and legends? What does it mean to you personally, and as a History student?

Ans: Myths and legends are a part of our lives, something that we keep hearing while growing up, something that affects our thinking and perception of things. As students of History, we need to understand their value as a source of tracing history as well as an integral part of our intangible heritage. As a source, myths and legends, when interpreted properly reveal a lot, and as part of intangible heritage they are reflection of our culture. Yet, myths and legends are not documented and it will not be long before they are gone, if their value is not realised. Hence, we kept the theme as myths and legends to celebrate them, understand their importance and make others realise the same.

-As told to Harnidh Kaur.

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